Nine-time world rally champion Sébastien Loeb and Dakar rally exhibitor Cristina Gutierrez combined to set a total time of 11m53.421s, which lifted them 10s to the top.

Seventh of nine teams to complete the 4.37 mile course, with Loeb choosing to start, X44 demoted Sara Price and Kyle Leduc’s quick Chip Ganassi Racing before both teams were penalized.

Price was given a 5-second penalty for missing entering the driver change zone and crossing the finish line, while Gutierrez was cautioned for missing the finish line and entering the pilot change area.

This was the third reprimand of the event for Chip Ganassi as the USA team and points leader Rosberg X Racing were barred from participating in Friday morning’s shakedown.

Nico Rosberg’s team used e-bikes on Thursday’s “walk” of the course, Leduc returning to the paddock to look for his own, and this was deemed against the spirit of the rules to give both teams an advantage. because they could cover the ground more quickly. .

A super aggressive Leduc also received another slap on the wrists of the marshals during practice when he demolished a flag at the gate of the fifth waypoint on a stroke of 10 seconds.

Veloce Racing, with Stéphane Sarrazin joined by Emma Gilmour to cover Jamie Chadwick, tied in the Series W, was the only other team to have had a perfectly clean race and took third place.

Xite Energy Racing’s fourth-fastest effort was quickly cut short after Christine Giampaoli-Zonca passed the baton to teammate Oliver Bennett, who stopped to reset the car.

Sara Price, Kyle Leduc, Chip Ganassi Racing

Photo By: Charly Lopez / Motorsport images

Rosberg X Racing was negated by the return of the electrical issues, which sapped power for Molly Taylor’s second lap and caused the pit limiter to fail and killed the wipers, causing particular problems through the two obstacles d splashing water.

New Pure ETCR champion Mattias Ekstrom saw his lean halted by a power steering failure after a jerk, which forced the remainder of her lap and the length of her teammate Jutta Kleinschmidt’s race to fall considerably below pace.

Carlos Sainz Sr suffered a similar foul after his throwing start, the two-time world rally champion having made a career out of a bush in a small mistake after his initial exuberance.

Sainz also received a five-second penalty for missing a door, instead of knocking it down like Leduc, who was more severely punished.

The Hansen brothers shared similar miserable fortunes as they suffered rear suspension meltdowns.

Kevin Hansen’s run was quickly injured after the Swede grabbed masses of air above the first ridges and nose down on impact.

The heavy landing that followed at the rear meant the right corner had completely collapsed.

He tried to drag him to the finish before retiring from the session.

Brother Timmy was no less unhappy. He cut a stone which tore the right rear wheel and tire assembly apart.

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