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There are cars that grab all the titles and popularity while others languish in the dark, although they are worth a visit. What’s the most underrated car on sale today?

I like to think that an underrated car is a good car, but buyers don’t see its true potential or get the popularity of other models. Our discussion of Slack in the office brought up many potential examples, from the Kia Stinger and Nissan Leaf to the Toyota Avalon. But I don’t think a car like the Kia Stinger really fits here because this thing was all the rage when it came out.

Our editor, Rory, voted the Hyundai Veloster N as the most underrated car on sale today. It really makes a lot of sense!

Here is a little hot hatch which is so good that Road & Track allowed the car with its Performance Car of the Year award. It has beaten tough competition like Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, Lotus Evora, Lamborghini Huracan Evo and many more to get this honor.

It’s a car that comes in a stunning shade of blue, makes 275 hp from a turbocharged inline-four, hits nearly 30 mpg on the highway, and costs just over $ 32,000. The Veloster N just hits all the right notes.

And yet, Hyundai only sold 2,212 units in 2019, tiny numbers compared to the competition.

Honorable mention goes to Ford Transit Connect. It is a vehicle that I have never thought too much about. They seem to be favored by florists and delivery drivers in my area. But a reader, i86hot-dogs, is often in the comments of posts showing what its Transit Connect can do at RallyCross events. Forget flower deliveries, the Transit Connect is a rally car with the body of a van!

What’s the most underrated car on sale today?

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