By Rhys Vandersyde

A busy end of the year created a logistical challenge for motorsport providers like Racefuels.

After a long hiatus in nationwide events due to COVID outbreaks across the country, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, November will be a busy month for motorsport as many series look to finish their championships before the end of the year.

A number of high profile events are set to take place over seven weeks, with the other five Supercars events, the Bathurst Challenge, Shannons Motorsport Australian Championship rounds in Sandown and The Bend, Phillip’s traditional Island Magic reunion. Island and Historic Sandown just to name a few.

After months of planning, RaceFuels is expected to deliver 250,000 liters of fuel to these events and has made special preparations to ensure a smooth supply for all competitors.

“It will be a tough two months to deliver over 250,000 gallons of fuel to 10 events spanning more than seven weeks in three separate states,” said Sean Scott, Managing Director of RaceFuels.

“It’s actually quite exciting. We’ve become very nimble and adaptive as a company over the past couple of years, so this series of events to end 2021 really gives us the chance to demonstrate those capabilities. “

“Some deadlines are tight, so this will be a test of our planning and procedures, although we have built-in redundancies where necessary.”

“We have a daily plan in place, so it will be a matter of checking against our model and adjusting it as we go.”

“Our biggest challenge is really getting home. Of course, we could haul endless barrels of fuel to the location to cover the supply, but then we have to get them out of the site and bring them home to process them properly at the end of each event.

“When we leave an event, we do so without leaving a trace. Anything brought on site must leave the site. We cannot leave 100 empty drums to clean the circuit.

“Having enough fuel on site for each event is not the challenge, doing it efficiently to bring everything home is. “

The extended Bathurst 1000 program creates its own unique set of concerns, with 10 unprecedented categories across a six-day motorsport extravaganza without the traditional delay before the event.

The fuel supplier will use its extensive facilities in Sydney, including permanent tanks and offices in Bathurst and Sydney Motorsport Park, as well as its warehouse in Wetherill Park to make sure things run smoothly.

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