It’s that time of year again.

On Wednesday morning, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation (MPI) released its top five auto insurance frauds of 2021.

“MPI publishes its annual Top Five Fraud List to raise awareness of the costs associated with auto insurance fraud,” MPI Director of Clientele Satvir Jatana said in a statement.

“The list is compiled based on the unique circumstances of each fraud, the financial savings for MPI taxpayers, and the investigative techniques used to confirm fraudulent activity.”

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Victims of protest against catalytic converter theft added MPI charges on higher mileage cars as thefts increase

Victims of protest against catalytic converter theft added MPI charges on higher mileage cars as thefts increase

At the bottom of the list, a woman from Winnipeg committed fraud to protect her partner.

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The woman filed a claim for a car accident where her vehicle swerved into the yard of a private residence, causing extensive damage to everyone involved.

She told MPI that she was driving and that she swerved because of a dog running down the street.

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Victims of protest against catalytic converter theft added MPI charges on higher mileage cars as thefts increase

His claim was debunked after video footage revealed that there was no dog on the road at the time of the crash.

The woman later admitted to lying to protect her partner who was driving without a valid license.

Next in the MPI ranking is a staged T-bone collision.

After two drivers opened separate collision records for the alleged accident, a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) investigator attended the intersection mentioned in the report.

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The investigator examined surveillance footage which revealed that a deliberate accident had occurred.

Faced with the evidence, the drivers admitted to doing the trick to deregister their vehicles.

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At number three, a professional truck driver lied about the seriousness of the injuries sustained on the job for insurance payments.

The man claimed he was unable to lift heavy objects and drive for more than 15 minutes, among other things.

MPI was informed that the man was working while receiving benefits and initiated an investigation.

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CCTV footage of him lifting heavy objects and driving for long periods of time resulted in his benefits being withdrawn.

MPI estimates it saved over $ 700,000.

The second case in the MPI’s top five is a 20-year-old driver whose car entered half a dozen parked cars.

The driver told MPI he fell asleep while driving at 55 km / h, slightly above the speed limit.

After examining the physical evidence from the scene and the surveillance footage, MPI determined that the driver’s vehicle was traveling at around 140 km / h while he was running with another car.

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A download of the car’s data showed that the brakes were not being used and the seat belts were not fastened.

The driver’s request was denied.

The first MPI fraudster in 2021 is a woman who told a story when her badly damaged vehicle was recovered by Winnipeg police.

The woman told MPI that a group of thieves contacted her on Facebook after stealing her car from the garage, demanding money for its return.

Instead of calling the police, she reportedly drove to the meeting point, where the thieves kidnapped her, then drove in her car for hours before running over her.

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Based on inconsistencies in her story, MPI examined the case and found one detail that unraveled her narrative – the car could not start without her keys, which she had in her possession throughout the incident.

The woman admitted to lying.

According to MPI, she and a group of friends were drinking and speeding around town when they crashed into another car, then fled the scene.

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Anyone with information about auto insurance fraud is urged to call MPI’s TIPS line: 204-985-8477 or toll free 1-877-985-8477.

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