And we’re coming back to reality with the most renowned, recommended, and obvious choice $ 40,000 can give you – a 911 Turbo.

Now, to get the one you really want – the 997 Turbo – for under $ 40,000, you’ll have to haggle, but the advancement over the 996 era goes beyond fried-egg headlights and interiors. inexpensive basement. There are variable geometry turbochargers for 60hp more at the top end and about 100% more permanent thrust than the old 996. There’s also over 40kg less to lug around, thanks to the aluminum panels. instead of steel.

OK, so it’s a step up from the car she replaced. But we think it’s also a step up from the car that replaced it.

To be quite frank, the 997 was the last time a 911 was the right size – every 911 since then, as wonderful as it may be, has lost that irreplaceable and overlooked stroke of genius that made the 911 a real supercar to drive on a daily basis: its small size. After all, even with the wide track and Turbo-spec flared wheel arches, it still wasn’t wider than an E90 3 Series and no longer than a Prius. It’s a cinch to drive like a regular car, as it’s the size of a regular car and has visibility of … you guessed it.

Oh, and a vicious turn of speed, ready to keep even the best in the business honest. In case you were wondering, it’s also faster on the Top Gear test track than the Noble M12. Truly, the 911 Turbo is like DiCaprio – the more obvious choice, yes, but with an infallible and irreproachable knack to back it up as well.

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