Haas team boss Guenther Steiner stressed his belief that the operation could eventually return to the form it displayed during her first three years in Formula 1.

Haas joined Formula 1 in 2016, scoring points in his first two events, and went on to finish eighth in a row in the standings.

Haas’ standout campaign came in 2018, when he placed fifth overall, but he has since fallen amid recalcitrant machinery.

The team has indicated ahead of 2021 that it will be focusing its resources on its package for 2022, when new regulations are introduced, as well as bedding for rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Haas is currently bringing up the rear of the 10-team championship and has spent most of the campaign slower in qualifying and racing.

Steiner, however, is optimistic that Haas – who has assessed his participation in Formula 1 amid the pandemic and its impact – may rediscover its earlier form.

“I think we are in a good position,” Steiner said. “You are never in a comfortable position, you always want more because the day you don’t want it anymore, you would have to change jobs, especially in F1.

“I think we are in a good position, we can always do better, the team is now back to where we were in ’16 / ’17 / ’18.

“On a technical level, with Simone Resta at the head of the technical group, we again have a leader and I see good progress there.

“The racing team has always been pretty good, we’ve never seen any big weaknesses, we can always improve of course.

“I am quite optimistic and confident that we will return to our old form. “

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