A violent storm in Queensland’s small hinterland ripped roofs off houses, smashed car windows and caught dozens of campers by surprise.

Adavale, about three hours west of Charleville, was hit by the destructive storm Tuesday night.

The 23 inhabitants of the city woke up Wednesday to find the brown city thanks to “drops of mud raining”.

Dozens of campers participating in a car rally crossing the region were caught in the storm.

Road Boss Rally organizer Jamie Lawson said he was blown away.

“We went through dust storms and heat waves, but there was nothing like it,” he said.

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Wild storm in Adavale, South West Queensland(Provided: Jamie Lawson)

Houses, businesses destroyed

Cristina Zito, who lives in the same building as her cafe, Elegant Emu, felt her roof blown off by high winds before her neighbor’s roof hit her house.

“The whole house was shaking,” she said.

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Savage storm destroys Road Boss Rally camp and cars in Adavale, South West Queensland(Provided: Jamie Lawson)

She said residents described the “terrifying” storm as a tornado.

“The roof that started to come off first, which was lifted by very strong easterly winds,” she said.

“The neighbors’ roof that landed on my house, which comes from a strong west wind.

“An iron sheet went through my rainwater tank, so we don’t have rainwater.”

An outdoor seating area in a cafe that was destroyed by a storm.  Debris is in the background.
The Elegant Emu coffee is not insured.(

Provided: Cristina Zito


Ms Zito said it was likely her cafe would be closed for the rest of the year.

“At the moment, I don’t know how I’m going to fix my roof,” she said.

Ms Zito said the coffee was not insured.

“Because the business is attached to my house, then all the premium increases because it’s a cafe – it was just too expensive for a small business in a small town to pay,” she said. declared.

Ms Zito said the storm likely ended her income for 2021.

“It’s gone until I can fix whatever is broken,” she said.

A muddy car with black tape on the broken rear window.
The rally team had to drive five hours to Longreach to repair damaged cars and camping gear.(

Provided: Jamie Lawson


Residents mobilize for repairs

Community members launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to repair the roof, with nearly $ 2,000 raised Thursday morning.

Ms. Zito said residents “help each other” as they deal with broken cars, power outages, water quality issues and damaged homes.

“A man showed up with portable plastic containers filled with fresh water for us which was really good because with everything going on you just can’t think,” she said.

A man washes a camping chair on the side of a soccer field.  A brolga stands in the background.
Jamie Lawson washes his gear after the storm.(

ABC Western Qld: Craig Fitzsimmons


Meanwhile, Mr Lawson said the Road Boss Rally convoy traveled five hours from Adavale to Longreach to stock up on camping gear and repair their vehicles.

“[There were] lots of broken windows, anyone facing the wind has all their windows smashed, ”he said.

He said the group, which had raised around $ 250,000 for charity as part of his rally, would consider how they could support Adavale in his recovery efforts.

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