The folks at TopGear just finished their SpeedWeek 2021, but before they let all the toys go home, they ran this drag race. It pits three of the most interesting retro cars in their group directly against each other in a simple smoky drag race.

The first car on the Strip is the one we talked about before. The MINI Oselli edition. It’s a classic MINI, it’s really form and steel. Maybe the only really old-fashioned technology is the rear drum brakes, but even these are modern alloy.

Of course, up front are AP Racing 4-piston calipers and vented 270mm discs. The front wheels receive power from a 5-speed manual transmission and a torque-enhancing limited slip differential. Did we mention it makes 125 horsepower? It’s a tiny, light and adorable rocket.

It faces two other cars and the first we will focus on is the Tipo 184. Inspired by the historic Alfa 158, the Tipo is actually a Mazda MX-5 under its skin.

The entire kit, from body panels and seats to wheels and tires, is part of the kit. At the end of the build, you end up with what is clearly a more special vehicle than any other Miata series.

Then there is the Caterham 170R. This is probably the one everyone knows best. Really, it’s just the most well-known form. What makes the 170R special isn’t its power or its history, it’s that it weighs just 947 pounds. Of course, he only has 84 horsepower. Which would you bet on?

It turns out that simplifying and adding lightness could be a brilliant idea. The Caterham has no problem starting from the start and never looking back. The Tipo 184 follows quite closely and the Oselli, well that disappoints. Considering it’s over $ 170,000, we expected better than the last one.

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