A man was seriously injured in an incident at a Christchurch car wash.


A man was seriously injured in an incident at a Christchurch car wash.

A police investigation is underway into the manner in which a man sustained serious head injuries in an incident at a car wash.

A passerby, who asked not to be named, said she was on her way home from the gym when she saw firefighters dealing with an emergency man on the ground next to a car wash in the back of a Countdown supermarket in Ferrymead, Christchurch.

The man is believed to have been injured when he opened a door or window inside the car wash and put part of his body outside.

A witness suggested the man may have suffered burns to his legs.


A witness suggested the man may have suffered burns to his legs.

The man was treated by emergency services as he lay next to the vehicle parked in a bay at the car wash, Wash HQ, the passer-by said, adding that he also appeared to have suffered burns to his legs .

The car appeared to have gone to the car wash or been in reverse, she said.

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At 10:10 a.m. on Friday, two ambulances and a rapid response unit were called to Ferry Rd, Ferrymead, a spokeswoman for St John said.

They were still there an hour later and the man was taken to Christchurch Hospital in critical condition.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand’s fire and emergency services said the incident involved a car, but the man did not need to be released from it.

A silver sedan was then removed from the scene by a tow truck.

The vehicle appeared largely intact except for a crumpled driver’s side door streaked with blue paint from the wall of the car wash. A metal panel inside the car wash also appeared to be dented.

Staff from Wash HQ were also at the scene to speak with police, and the car wash was cordoned off.

One of the two directors of the company hung up the phone when contacted by Things.

Wash HQ is a local family business, which operates solely at the Ferrymead site.

It offers an automated car wash, where the accident occurred, as well as two closed self-service areas and one open self-service area.

On its website, Wash HQ is described as a “quick and easy to use installation to wash your vehicle using the latest equipment designed and built in Europe”.

A police spokesperson said an investigation was underway and WorkSafe had been notified.

“WorkSafe has been made aware of this incident and is currently investigating,” a spokesperson said.

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