Some scenes seem so obvious. Some incidents are open secrets that do not require word coverage.

We are talking about Revanth Reddy’s connection with Chandrababu Naidu.

Seetakka, the former Naxalite and the former TDP MP staged a large car rally in support of Revanth Reddy for winning the post of chairman of the Telangana CPC.

It is an ardent devotee of Chandrabbu who has said openly that she keeps her photo in her house. This clearly shows how much TDP is linked to Revanth Reddy politically and emotionally.

The great 2000 car rally shocked political circles and the media. In fact, she is the current congresswoman. But how can a former naxalite organize this costly rally, that is the question. There should be a big investor behind it.

“There are suspicions that CBN sponsored this rally. Either way, some actions and reactions by current and former TDP members regarding the election of Revanth Reddy as CCP president shame the Telangana Congress. Revanth Reddy should watch what’s going on, ”says a Telangana Congress insider.

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