Riders of the latest Dirt models embarked on bull races for the highest winning ever at 411 Motor Speedway

Tonight the doors are open at 411 Motor Speedway. The 3/8 mile dirt track in Seymour, Tennessee is expected to pay the winner of a Tuesday night show $ 20,000.

See 411 Motor Speedway results below.

Kyle Larson went on Sunday on the way to victory at the Charlotte ROVAL. On Monday and Tuesday, he tested the NASCAR Next Gen car on the same track. Now he has unloaded the car from the dirt for a short track race.

However, Larson missed a transfer spot in his qualifying race. It will start backwards after being transferred by the B Main.

Jonathan Davenport qualified 12th. However, he suffered a puncture during his race. He was penalized to the end of his sleeve but led him into a transfer point.

Nick Hoffman was the fastest in qualifying without power steering. He then led to victory in his heat. Hoffman comes out of pole position in tonight’s main race. Jimmy Owens completes the front row, a Tennessee lockout.

The next 50 laps of dirt model racing are coming up …

Main event

Green Flag, Owens and Hoffman run side by side in the first corner. Owens points ahead on the outside of the second corner.

Round 2, Tod Hernandez in the wall in the first round, be careful.

Green, Owens leads while Hedgecock and Hoffman run side by side for 2nd place. Hoffman holds 2nd place via the inside lane.

On lap 10 Davenport climbs high in the first corner and he has a race over Hedgecock at the second corner. Davenport goes under him and slips him into turn three for the 4th.

On lap 15, Owens edged out Hoffman by 1.5 seconds.

Lap 20, Owens caught up to the tail of the peloton. He slices them with ease so far.

On lap 25, Kyle Larson took the lead. He is up to 9th after starting 20th.

Lap 29, Christian Hanger slows down with a puncture, be careful.

Green, Owens leads Hoffman to the first corner. They get tangled up in the top 5 in the second round. Overton jumps on the brakes becomes completely sideways but saves him. Everyone is still driving.

Lap 32, Hedgecock slips Davenport for the 4th on lap three. It slips over Davenport’s nose, slightly damaged to the nose.

Lap 34, Eli Beets slows down, be careful.

Green, Owens leads Hoffman to the first corner.

Lap 36, Davenport slips Marlar for 3rd in the first corner. Marlar stops him with a caveat, caution.

Green, Owens leads as Hoffman and Davenport race side by side for 2nd place. Davenport hits the cushion and heads for the second corner.

5 to go, Owens widened the gap. However, it is getting closer to the traffic on the turn. Hoffman remains on Davenport’s bumper in the battle for 2nd place.

Jimmy Owens wins at 411 Motor Speedway!

411 Motor Speedway Results
12 October 2021

See full results from the Seymour, TN track below.


Hot Laps – Combined: 1. Jimmy Owens (13,255); 2. Brandon Overton (13.277); 3. Jonathan Davenport (13.294); 4. Cory Hedgecock (13,329); 5. Pierce McCarrter (13.469); 6. Jensen Ford; 7. Spencer Hughes; 8. Stormy Scott; 9. Mike Marlar; 10. King Ryan;

11. Eli Beet; 12. Randy Tisserand; 13. Drive out the king; 14. Joseph Menuisier; 15. Christian hanger; 16. Ricky Weiss; 17. Kyle Larson; 18. Lake Michael; 19. Tod Hernandez; 20. Brandon Hardgrove;

21. Matt Tharp; 22. Nick Hoffman; 23. Justin Owens; 24. Steve Smith; 25. Cory Brock; 26. Dalton Cook;


Qualifications – Combined (2 laps): 1. Nick Hoffman (13,160); 2. Jimmy Owens (13,187); 3. Ryan King (13.270); 4. Jensen Ford (13.278); 5. Stormy Scott (13.278); 6. Brandon Overton; 7. Cory Hedgecock; 8. Pierce McCarter; 9. Ricky Weiss; 10. Eli beet;

11. Christian hanger; 12. Jonathan Davenport; 13. Randy Tisserand; 14. Spencer Hughes; 15. Joseph Menuisier; 16. Kyle Larson; 17. Mike Marlar; 18. Dalton Cook; 19. Matt Tharp; 20. Drive out the king;

21. Lake Michael; 22. Tod Hernandez; 23. Brandon Hardgrove; 24. Justin Owens; 25. Steve Smith; 26. Cory Brock;

Heat races

Round 1 (8 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Nick Hoffman; 2. Cory Hedgecock; 3. Jensen Ford; 4. Eli beet; 5. Randy Tisserand; 6. Tod Hernandez; 7. Kyle Larson; 8. Steve Smith; 9. Matt Tharp;

Round 2 (8 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Jimmy Owens; 2. Mike Marlar; 3. Stormy Scott; 4. Spencer Hughes; 5. Christian hanger; 6. Hunt the king; 7. Pierce McCarter; 8. Cory Brock;

Round 3 (8 Laps – Top 6 Advance): 1. Brandon Overton; 2. Ricky Weiss; 3. Ryan King; 4. Jonathan Davenport; 5. Dalton Cook; 6. Joseph Menuisier; 7. Lake Michael; 8. Justin Owens;

LCQ races

LCQ 1 (8 Tours – Top 4 Advance): 1. Lake Michael; 2. Kyle Larson; 3. Matt Tharp; 4. Justin Owens; 5. Steve Smith;

Feature results
Circuit 411
12 October 2021

(50 spins – $ 20,000 up for grabs)

Post | Driver

1. Jimmy Owens
2. Jonathan Davenport
3. Nick Hoffmann
4. Brandon Overton
5. Cory Hedgecock
6. Spencer Hughes
7. Kyle Larson
8. Ricky Weiss
9. King Hunt
10. Ryan King
11. Dalton Cook
12. Lake Michel
13. Mike Marlar
14. Eli beets
15. Christian hanger
16. Matt Tharp
17. Joseph Carpenter
18. Jensen Ford
19. Stormy Scott
20. Randy Tisserand
21. Tod Hernandez
22. Justin Owens


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