Indianapolis Motor Speedway will not host an IMSA race in 2022, but there is mutual interest in 2023, according to IMS president Doug Boles. Organizing a race will require an alignment of the schedules of the two parties.

“I don’t want to have an IMSA race at IMS when IndyCar is racing elsewhere because I want everyone to watch IndyCar,” Boles said. “I also want this to be a race where IndyCar drivers can race because I think it helps us promote this race. So that complicates the timing element a bit more.

The last time IMSA sports cars raced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was in 2014. It was the last race of “Super Weekend,” which featured two IMSA races and the NASCAR Xfinity and Cup races.

Boles said he believes there will be an IMSA race at the Speedway. There is interest from both sides and the discussions have been positive.

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“There’s a lot of synergy, and we’ll get there eventually,” Boles said.

Another question regarding an IMSA race at IMS would be its duration. Races in IMSA can range from a 2 hour and 40 minute sprint race to 12 and 24 hour endurance races. When IMSA previously raced on the Speedway, the races were shorter sprint races. Boles, however, would like something a little longer.

“I think if it’s going to be at the Speedway, we want it to be a little more special – more than just standard length,” said Boles. “When you have a longer race it adds more cost to the teams so you have to think about it. “

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