There’s never a time when I don’t fantasize about the wonderfully weird MG Metro 6R4. It’s easily the coolest car ever sold under the MG brand, and arguably the coolest British Isles car in history. Don’t beat me on it, I’m right. Although apparently based on the best-selling city car of the day, the 6R4 was fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 based on the Cosworth DFV mounted at the rear, driving all four wheels. It was a group B special, and it went pretty well in rallycross, but ended up being pretty dismal in world rally competition.

These days this red example spends his time absolutely dominating hill climb competition. Of course, it has a lot more than the 410 horsepower the car competed with during the period. Making the lessons Jaguar learned from filling this engine with a pair of turbochargers in the XJ220 supercar in the late 1980s, owner and racer Dr Ian Rowlance took this 6R4 to heaven. Nowadays, the car is said to be capable of developing 800 horsepower at high settings, and the engine spins up to 9,800 rpm. Wow !

While the car still uses its original engine, it has been given a serious update with modern electronics and boost controllers and advanced fuel injection. On this particular day to Shelsley Walsh at Worcestershire the road was still a little wet so the good doctor reduced the boost to around 600 horsepower. You can tell the car and driver are working overtime to keep everything on black, but it was still dumb fast, setting the second best time of the day. Not in the classic category, but overall.

It’s an embedded video that will immerse you in the next year!

You might think the MGB or the TF or the Magnette or the RV8 is the coolest MG but I think you will find after watching this video that you got it wrong and the 6R4 is actually the coolest. Now I challenge you to name a single British car that’s cooler than any brand. No, not even Aston Martin. And don’t you dare say McLaren, cause that’s a lame answer and you know it.

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