After a series of disappointing results in IndyCar, Marco andretti made the decision to retire from racing full time in early 2021. This led him to pursue other racing opportunities like SRX and sports car racing. Now, it looks like Andretti may soon try his hand at NASCAR in the future.

During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Andretti, 34, mentioned that he was in talks with a possible NASCAR Xfinity tour, but did not give further details.

“I think it would be cool to do Xfinity stuff,” Andretti said when asked about his interest in driving other types of stock cars. “I am already in discussion. I am looking at different opportunities.

Andretti said NASCAR would be a lot of fun for him, but he also doesn’t have a set plan for his racing schedule.

“I kind of take the opportunities or leave them,” Andretti said. “I’m just going with how I’m feeling at this particular moment and it’s been fun.”

Andretti still has his eyes set on an Indianapolis 500 victory, but likes to take the time to focus on other efforts.

Halfway through the SRX season, Andretti sits fifth in points with a better fourth place and a series victory in Eldora. He finished 19th in this year’s Indianapolis 500. Andretti also had his first IMSA outing with his cousin, Jarrett Andretti, at Watkins Glen on June 27, finishing 4th in the LMP3 class.


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