The final Bicester Sunday Scramble of 2021 will host a very unique exhibit from Audi and BMW as they showcase a selection of their legendary road cars and priceless racers.

The ‘Best of Bavarians’ heritage exhibition will feature highlights such as Audi’s S1 E2 quattro Sport rally car and RS 2 Avant, facing BMW’s iconic ‘Batmobile’ 328 and 3.0CSL, with a new listing heritage vehicles that will be unveiled on the day.

Hosted at Bicester’s Loop Lawn, the unique collaboration promises a lightweight Oktoberfest contest with visitors able to share their favorite Bavarian from the social media post, using #bestbavarian via Bicester Heritage’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In honor of the best of Bavarians, a “chauffeur’s beer” was produced by the on-site Wriggly Money brewery. Brewed on-site specifically for the event, the low-alcohol beer is part of the brewery’s ongoing program to develop a new regular beer that is perfect for Scramble events and drivers.

The now full Scramble sees the country’s best-preserved WWII RAF bombing station open to 5,000 participants, with the 45 state-of-the-art specialists based in the Heritage Quarter allowing access into the backstage at their showrooms and workshops.

The event also serves to celebrate Bicester Heritage’s continued partnership with classic vehicle insurer Hagerty, one of the world’s leading automotive lifestyle brands, and the successful launch of Scramblers in June 2021, a new club of members born from the success of the Scramble events.

Scramblers and Scramble events exist to celebrate the historic automotive industry and the magic of driving and preserving classic cars, while making these experiences accessible to future generations and families.

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