Due to the very abrasive nature of the track surface at the Lohéac site, all of the leading World RX competitors did limited races during the morning practice sessions to save tires.

Then, after having modified the setting of the front differential and the rear anti-roll bar among others on his GRX-SET Hyundai i20, Gronholm set the best time in Q1.

Kristoffersson, who lost his lead in the intermediate standings when the season opened in Barcelona and missed the final at Holjes last time with a puncture in the semi-final, also won his race in Q1 and finished second in the general classification after a huge stop at the opening. corner of his race.

Starting third on the grid, Kristoffersson beat the podium of the previous round Kevin Abbring in the first corner before turning right, but with his Audi S1 ​​not completely ahead of Abbring’s Renault Megane, the Ukorrupted machine made contact with the to the right rear of Kristoffersson’s car and it was tilted 90 degrees to the track layout at the exit of the turn.

But, knocking the gearbox off a cog and burying the throttle on the 600-horsepower four-wheel-drive machine, Kristoffersson steered his car back in the intended direction of travel.

The Swede then ran face to face with Gronholm in the first lap of the final race in Q2, but by completing a wild first round Kristoffersson improved the times on Gronholm’s lap and when the Finn took his wild card on the last lap , Kristoffersson took the advantage to set the fastest time and finish the day at the top of the standings.

Abbring meanwhile, having capitalized at the end of his run in Q1 by passing Enzo Ide when the Belgian went out wide in the last corner and then took the lead from pole in Q2, escaped contact behind between Timo Scheider and Ide to escape to the front and take the second fastest time in Q2, lifting him to third place in the general classification.

Timmy Hansen, Hansen World RX Peugeot 208 team

Photo from: Red Bull Content Pool

Points leader Timmy Hansen, who entered the event with wins in the Swedish round of the World RX and then the Arctic X-Prix of Extreme E in Greenland, struggled in traffic and finished fifth after first day.

His brother Kevin was fourth and GRX’s Krisztian Szabo sixth, the latter having a strong start in Q2 to race side-to-side with the Hansen riders in the first tight corner.

There was also contact later in the race after Szabo’s first joker, when he touched the rear of Timmy Hansen’s Peugeot 208 as the Swede entered the joker’s lap later. The incident was investigated by flight attendants, but no further action was taken.

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