Eurosport India has further strengthened its presence in its motorsport lineup by incorporating Bollywood superstar John Abraham, as India’s Ambassador for their flagship motorsport property, MotoGP. John, who is an avid MotoGP enthusiast himself, will promote MotoGP to a wider audience in India through Eurosport’s campaign – “MotoGP, Race Lagate Hai”.

Eurosport India currently boasts unparalleled depth in global motorsport programming for Indian motorsport fans with prestigious properties such as the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship, W Series, Nascar, Indycar Series and Bennetts Races. British Superbike. Grand Prix Motorcycle Races, affectionately known as MOTO GP around the world, are the premier class of road motorcycle racing events held on road circuits and are sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM ). Eurosport India and discovery + have the live and exclusive broadcast rights for the three leading categories namely: Moto 2, Moto 3 and Moto GP for their Indian audience. Prior to the association, John shared the stage with MotoGP legend “The Doctor” – Valentino Rossi and attended numerous MotoGP races.

“It is a proud moment for any fan to become an Ambassador of India, and it is indeed a moment of judgment for me. I am happy that through this association not only can I show my love for the MotoGP to all motorsport fans but also helping many others understand the fine nuances of a highly technical and skill-driven sport. I have been a motorsport fan for over 25 years now and I can only help thank Eurosport India for associating with me as a friend of MotoGP, which I have been able to “I am convinced that my association with Eurosport India will only bring the sport of MotoGP ™ closer to the hearts of millions of sports fans Indian automobile, “said John. (ANI)

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