Originally scheduled for 2021, the delayed kickoff of an all-electric FIA World Rallycross is back on track and slated for an opening in 2022.

On Thursday, the FIA ​​announced that a 14-car grid will compete in the electric vehicle-inspired World RX season. The cars were developed and produced by Kreisel Electric in Austria, with input from the promoter of Rallycross GmbH and the FIA. According to the promoter of the World Rallycross, the all-electric RX1e cars can cover the 0 to 100 km in 1.8 seconds.

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Energy charging is coordinated by GCK Energy through a combination of charging containers and mobile charging stations. The containers – exchangeable battery packs – are charged using a combination of solar panels and a “local green energy network” in France. The goal is for the twin engines to produce the equivalent of 680 hp.

Each team will receive the same electric powertrain kit with which they will adapt to each team’s unique body design and livery.

“We are delighted to be rushing into 2022 with an electrified World RX,” said Arne Dirks, executive director of the promoter of Rallycross GmbH. “As a promoter, we have a responsibility to nurture and develop this wonderful sport to ensure it continues to thrive for many generations to come.

“Going forward, we want to ensure that World RX remains the series that brings together the best drivers, the best teams, the best circuits and the best races, and we have analyzed and evaluated every aspect to ensure that rallycross in the” Generation Alpha “is the best version of the sport it can be.”

The FIA ​​and World Rallycross have yet to reveal the 14 teams that will compete in 2022. A nine-event World RX program is scheduled to begin on January 23 in Monte Carlo.

World Rallycross will become the third major fully electric racing series under FIA sanction, joining the open-wheel Formula E series and the SUV-inspired Extreme E series.

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