Red Bull’s Christian Horner has revealed that Ferrari is the “most willing” to supply engines to his team among the three manufacturers other than Honda.

Red Bull found itself in a difficult situation following the announcement of the withdrawal of its engine manufacturer, Honda, from Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season.

The team owned by energy drinks therefore had no confirmed supplier to power their cars for next year, which led to negotiations with the other three suppliers in the network; Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari.

“The most natural thing was to have a discussion with the existing suppliers,” Horner said on the F1 Nation Podcast. “Mercedes was a very short conversation and Toto [Wolff] Obviously, I wasn’t particularly interested in that one.

Red Bull has had a love-hate relationship with Renault, having previously worked with the French automaker during its championship success and during the early hybrid years, which saw the team struggle to match Mercedes’ power, which means that they weren’t an option.

But Horner revealed that Ferrari was ready to make a deal, but it was ultimately decided that it would not be in line with their goals.

“Renault – their aspirations as a team did not include providing a team like Red Bull, and the most willing was probably Ferrari. And, you know, we’ve had exploratory talks, but being a customer, so having to go through all the integration especially with the new regulations coming up would be an extremely hard pill to swallow.

“That’s when we started exploring the possibility: OK, how do we tackle this challenge the Red Bull way and see if we can get a deal done with Honda for the foreseeable future?

Red Bull’s partnership with Honda has allowed the team to thrive since 2019 when they found their way back to victory, earning three wins. This year, the team are currently at the top of the championship standings with five wins against three for Mercedes.

Seeing this progress, Red Bull has approached Honda to strike a deal, which will allow it to take over the intellectual property (IP) of the Honda powertrain design, allowing Red Bull to continue operating it after Honda left and provide a basis for the design. a new engine to meet the 2025 regulations under its own engine department – Red Bull Powertrains.

“It’s a big step, it’s a bold step, to take control of our own destiny as an engine supplier and bring it all together under one roof in Milton Keynes. It would make us the only team other than Ferrari to have everything in one facility, ”added Horner.

When asked how he sold it to Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, Horner replied that it was not necessary because he too had come to the same conclusion.

“In terms of sales, I think he came to this conclusion himself – that we had no choice – and Helmut [Marko] was obviously very supportive and was pushing hard for it. It was absolutely the right call … “

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