World champion Verstappen looks back on the “crazy, intense and crazy” season

Lewis Hamilton’s future in Formula 1 remains a hot topic as we enter the offseason with the Briton, but we have yet to say if he will return with Mercedes after a landslide defeat in the title race to Max. Verstappen.

The Briton has disappeared from the radar since his loss at the thrilling Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, sparking speculation about his return as a team-mate with new Mercedes driver George Russell.

The seven-time world champion is expected to return, with unyielding Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali Hamilton “will recharge his batteries and come back with even more envy than before winning an eighth world title “.

But the impact of Russell’s arrival, replacing Valtteri Bottas, will prove to be fascinating and could change the dynamics of the title race between Hamilton and Verstappen, with the possibility of a third title contender – or more, if the new rules change the balance of power.

During the difficult and intense 2021 season, on-track incidents cost Red Bull nearly € 4m, the third highest figure among any rider behind Haas’s Mick Schumacher (€ 4.2m ) and Charles Leclerc of Ferrari (4.1 million euros). Verstappen’s tally is more than three times that of fierce rival Hamilton, which cost Mercedes € 1.2 million over the year, according to Sky Germany.

Of course, the Dutchman, who won his exciting but controversial first world title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, would blame some of that cost on Hamilton himself after blaming the Briton for his high-speed incident at Copse. Corner during the British Grand Prix. Prix ​​at Silverstone, one of the fastest corners in Formula 1 where the pair made contact and Verstappen was sent flying through the gravel in the barriers. Follow all the latest F1 news below.


Lando Norris defeats Max Vertsappen to win best overtake of 2021

Lando Norris won the Formula 1 award for the best overtaking of 2021.

The Briton beat his co-finalist Max Vertsappen, with 53.8% of the vote.

And the McLaren driver mocked his world champion victory, tweeting: “Wow. My first victory in F1.

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 2:19 PM


Red Bull ‘lucky’ in F1 title race final, says Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya maintains that Red Bull was “lucky” in its Formula 1 triumph over Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

“Yeah, you try to run, but run in a way you really want to get in the way, and Lewis knows if he goes they’d crash and call it a running incident and they (Red Bull) were counting on it, ”said the Colombian, who raced in F1 between 2001 and 2006.

“Red Bull played every card to get it (the title) and in the end they did – luck was on their side. Whether they made the right decisions or not, it’s up to the FIA ​​to analyze.

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 2:03 PM


Sergio Perez “would have been destroyed 20 years ago” for helping Max Verstappen

Juan Pablo Montoya maintains that Sergio Perez’s role in helping Max Verstappen win the Formula 1 title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix would have seen him “destroyed” in his day.

“Oh my God, it’s good that Checo got involved and helped Max. And I think he did a really good job for Max, ”said the Colombian.

“Twenty years ago, if the second driver had done this, it would have been destroyed. And if Rubens (Barrichello) has already helped Michael (Schumacher), everyone said ‘oh my God, why are you helping Michael? Did you give up a victory, a position? “

“And it was a big drama then, whereas today they say ‘oh he helped him, he got in the way and it was good that he did it’ . These are points of view. “

“I do not know [what has changed]. It’s pretty crazy.

“Honestly I think if you supported Max you would think what ‘Checo’ did was sensational because it helped him. But if you were supportive of Lewis or were neutral, you’d wonder why he got involved.

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 1:48 PM


Valtteri Bottas calls Abu Dhabi’s performance “a failure”

Valtteri Bottas has been called a “failure” for his performances in Abu Dhabi and his failure to help Lewis Hamilton win the world title.

This is the view of former F1 driver Marc Surer, who maintains the Finn could have done more, like Sergio Perez to help his teammate as Max Verstappen dramatically snatched the title from the Briton.

The Swiss said: “Bottas is in fact a failure in trafficking. He’s still stuck and having an incredibly difficult time.

“The guy just can’t pass other cars that are more than a second slower than the fastest car in the field. This is his weakness.

“Max would not have made it. Passing two cars in one lap would not have worked. But Bottas was nowhere.

“He [Bottas] always succeeds on a single turn [in qualifying], and he sometimes understands so well that he is ahead of Hamilton. He can do it – and that is precisely Perez’s weakness.

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 1:32 PM


Lewis Hamilton “informs Mercedes of his decision not to retire”

Lewis Hamilton will not retire, according to reports, with the Briton having already informed Mercedes of his decision to return after failing terribly in the F1 title race last season.

The Briton has spoken with Mercedes, reports, and will see his two-year contract.

Hamilton will want to prove his worth against world champion Max Verstappen, while the challenge of asserting his superiority over teammate George Russell exists with his compatriot potentially offering more competition than Valtteri Bottas.

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 1:17 PM


Carlos Sainz hopes Lewis Hamilton won’t retire

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has urged Lewis Hamilton to keep racing amid doubts about his future in the sport after a crushing end to the 2021 F1 title race.

“I don’t know what Hamilton will decide to do,” Sainz told Marca.

“I hope Hamilton doesn’t retire, I want to continue racing with him.

“He’s one of the best in history and I want to continue sharing the grid with him.”

Jack rathbornDecember 24, 2021 1:00 PM


Toto Wolff claims F1 decision-making led to regular controversy in 2021

Decision-making needs to improve compared to those in charge of Formula 1, says Toto Wolff, if this year’s off-track talks and controversies are not to be repeated in the future.

“It’s a bigger problem. If you look at most of the controversy that has taken place this year, it has been about decisions, sporting decisions on the track, the inconsistent enforcement of rules on the track.

“It’s one thing to drive hard and to have differences of opinion between the drivers and the teams, it’s in the nature of the game.

“But inconsistent decision-making leads to controversy, leads to polarization and this is what has been the source of so many completely unnecessary controversies on the track.”

Karl Matchett24 December 2021 12:45


F1 drivers reveal secret gifts to Santa

Everyone wants to see Daniel Ricciardo with a Fernando Alonso tattoo on him, right? One more step here as F1’s secret Santa Claus between the drivers takes a bit of a weird turn!

It’s good to see that the wit and humor are intact for most of them – not sure Mazepin was too impressed with his gift, but Alonso himself had a thoughtful one considering this. that happened last year!

Karl Matchett24 December 2021 12:32


Leclerc focuses on personal development in 2022

Charles Leclerc says he’s still working to find a balance between qualifying performance and race days, but he chose an area that he says has improved in his driving over the year.

“Definitely the race direction in general,” he told Motorsport Week.

“I think since the start of 2020 I started to say that this was one of my weaknesses, especially after 2019 where I had a lot of good qualifying, but then in the race I had a little more trouble.

“We struggled a little more as a team, but also as a driver, I had more trouble than the others, so I put a lot of work into it in 2020, I improved a lot and I think that ‘in 2021, that’s actually one of my strengths now. “

Karl Matchett24 December 2021 12:15


Aston Martin optimistic about new season improvements

Nick Yelloly has given those who want to see Aston Martin challenge a lot more next year with reason for hope, saying early tests on the new car are positive.

“We have been working on the 2022 car for a long time, with our first use in the simulation in March,” he said.

“Obviously, when we put the new car on the track, that will be the main point. But in general the car feels great, great and we test every new idea on the simulator before we even think of a build process.

“We have made some big gains since March and now we look forward to the February race in Barcelona.”

Karl MatchettDecember 24, 2021 12:03 PM


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