At one point most of us (okay, probably all) wondered if we could beat a police car in a straight line acceleration, but the answer is obvious. It depends on the type of car we drive, its engine, how it reduces power, and our skill behind the wheel.
Throw the Hellcat game into the mix, however, and the scales will tip in its favor. Or will he do it? Are 717 HP and 656 lb-ft (890 Nm) of torque in the Challenger SRT Hellcat enough to help it beat the police car? What about the 797 HP and 707 lb-ft (959 Nm) of the Redeye model?

These questions were recently legally answered, as a police patrol lined up at the start line at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado, near Denver, as part of a campaign that “offers a positive alternative to illegal street racing”. The Colorado State Patrol vehicle was challenged (pun intended) by two Detroit muscle cars: the Challenger SRT Hellcat and its more powerful sibling, the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, who were looking to show what they’re made of.

When the lights turned green, the drivers, one of whom wore a uniform and used the hazard lights and siren to intimidate his rival – and it worked, as you’re about to see (guess what old habits die hard) – pushed the accelerator and hung on the steering wheel. A quarter of a mile later, one of them crossed the finish line, a few seconds faster than the other.

No records were broken that day, it was all about pure driving pleasure and letting everything out in a legal environment, alongside a ride that thrills illegal street racers. Now do you want to place a small bet?


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