As announced on October 2, 2020, Honda will complete its Formula 1 project as a Power Unit supplier at the end of the 2021 season. It will use all the experience, human resources and technical know-how it has acquired. over the past seven years of the hybrid era to help achieve Honda’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality across the company.

Motorsport has always been part of Honda’s DNA and the company will continue to strive to be the best in every category it enters, while promoting the values ​​and excitement of the sport.

Regarding specifically the PU Honda Formula 1, Red Bull Powertrains will have the right to use Honda IP from 2022, as support for their F1 programs with the Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri teams. It is following the request made to Honda by Red Bull following our announcement that we are leaving the sport.

The three key points of the agreement between the two companies are:

1) Red Bull Powertrains has the right to use Honda’s intellectual property relating to the powertrain.

2) Honda will support Red Bull Powertrains in building the PU 2022 and will also provide support for track and race operations from Japan throughout the 2022 season, and from 2023 Red Bull Powertrains will take responsibility for all the manufacture and maintenance of Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri. engines.

3) Employees of Honda Racing Development UK (Milton Keynes) will become employees of Red Bull Powertrains.

In addition, Red Bull and Honda will continue to work together on their respective young driver programs, the Red Bull Junior Team and the Honda Formula Dream Project, to further promote the growth of motorsport in Japan, with the ultimate goal of attracting more Japanese drivers in world leading motorsport, as happened with Yuki Tsunoda in Formula 1.

There will also be further cooperation between the two companies dealing with various forms of motorsport and many other sports and marketing activities. As usual, the goal of this particular aspect of the project is to promote Honda’s wide range of mobility products to a wider audience.

In an operational change, all of these four-wheeled motorsport activities will now be under the umbrella of HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), the company that has so successfully managed Honda’s motorcycle racing business for many years. This is about strengthening Honda’s motorsport operations and branding, making it more efficient by integrating the technologies and experiences we have gained in the four-wheeled and motorcycle motorsport business. . Concretely, HRC will support the Formula 1 activity of the Red Bull group in 2022, taking care of all the points mentioned above.

Honda’s stated goal is to continue to enable its customers to realize their motorsport dreams through the efforts of everyone within Team Honda, i.e. the drivers, pilots, engineers and mechanics involved. in so many different championships around the world.

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