The inspired company that loaned it to them is Mobil 1, the oil giant that also happens to be the official supplier of motor oil for the C8 – a special brew thanks to the dry-sump nature of the un-stuffed unit. Inspired, yes, but someone messed up anyway because they delivered the car without running the engine first, so Brian from Hoonigan had to take a late night trip to get a few miles under the belt. car or face the embarrassing situation where they would have to drag the drag below 4,500 rpm.

That would be ridiculous under any circumstances (maybe except for diesel drag racing, but 4,500 is a bit too low even for this type of engine), yet his opponent of the day did it twice. We are envisioning a bespoke race car that uses a Suzuki Hayabusa engine with an additional turbocharger.

We may not know much about motorcycles, but we do know that Hayabusa means way too much power. This 1.3-liter engine puts out around 200 horsepower, which not too long ago was a lot for most cars, let alone a bicycle. These days it’s on the low end of the industry, which is why the makers of this build – which they call Sierra Alpha – installed the turbocharger.

With that thing blowing air through the cylinders with vengeance, the Hayabusa engine produces a maximum of 450 hp. Not only is that insane for a vehicle weighing 1350 lbs (612 kg), but it’s also only 45 horsepower less than its tough opponent produces. Does the C8 still have a chance?

Well, apparently that could be the case, as the Sierra Alpha also has tons of downforce that kicks in after 80 mph (130 km / h), so the longer the race is, the more likely the Corvette is to catch up. his delay. How much support? Cole Powelson, the racing driver making the introduction, says that at 120 mph the bottom will scrape against the asphalt as the four to five inch ground clearance and spring opposition would have been canceled out by the air pushing the car down. Does that mean he could easily roll over the ceiling of a tunnel at even lower speeds? I imagine.

Believe it or not, despite sitting on that little rocket, Cole has never drag racing before (too busy doing real races – oops, did I really say that out loud? ). Seriously though, he and Alpha Sierra managed to get below the 10 minute mark on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which is no small feat.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the Alpha Sierra is a pretty competent drag race as well, although its clutch is showing signs of fatigue after just two races. Luckily there was a second car in the trailer – this one is called RX3 and as the name suggests looks much more suited to rallycross competitions – so the racing could resume. Also, it can make hands-free donuts, which although you can’t get them with chocolate frosting, are still the best kind of donuts.

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