(Photo by Todd Rose) Tom Gee (36) comes out of the lead battle in Bink’s Coca-Cola Late Model Fast Dash Friday night at Norway Speedway. Jason Wells (31), Tanner Kelly (77T) and Justin Mondeik (44) disperse to avoid Gee.

NORWAY – Several divisions presented tough battles at the front of the peloton on Friday night in the first round of the Auto Value race at Norway Speedway.

In the first match – Auto Value Super Stock 35 racer – Joey Pontbriand (Norway), Tim Schultz Jr. (Vulcan) and Tony Wender (Kingsford) went three wide on the front stretch just before the halfway point of the race.

Pontbriand emerged in the first round with the lead with Schultz in second. In the following laps, Schultz applied pressure to Pontbriand, slapping Pontbriand’s bumper and freeing the leader.

A two-car tangle between Kelly LaCount (Athelstane, Wisconsin) and Bob Scheifelbein (Pembine, Wisconsin) sent Schultz and Pontbriand scrambling to avoid contact. Unfortunately for Schultz, he would end up in the outer railing, all night.

Pontbriand took the victory and had nothing but praise for Schultz.

“(Schultz) is absolutely the best driver here. It has been for several years. He is a future Hall of Famer. He had the most wins of all time in the Super Stock category, and I knew I had to go ”, Pontbriand said in a post-race interview. “I talk to Timmy somehow about racing every day, and I feel bad for him that he ended up in the railing because I would have liked to have been fighting him during the eight. or last ten laps. “

As for what he felt when Schultz put the bumper on him, Pontbriand “I was smiling all the time.”

Anthony Scheifelbein (Pembine, Wisconsin) and Kevin Peterson (Marinette, Wisconsin) crossed the line in second and third.

A long delay in Bink’s 50-lap Coca-Cola Super Late Model feature led to a duel between Chad Butz (Green Bay, Wisconsin) and Justin Mondeik (Gleason, Wisconsin).

Butz led Mondeik lap after lap as the race drew to a close. Then contact. Butz also took off from Mondeik’s bumper.

In a show of sportsmanship, Mondeik took responsibility for the accident and fell to the back of the field.

Despite a series of restarts late in the race, Butz held on for the win with Dan Lindsley (Vulcan) and Scott Stanchina (Kingsford) following.

One driver who had a lot of traffic to contend with was MC Signs and Graphics Four Cylinder winner Dean Bellmore (Hermansville).

To end the night on victory lane, Bellmore had to make his way from the back of the field, and that’s exactly what he did, going two and three wide to do it.

“It feels good to win a long distance race, not to mention two weeks in a row” Bellmore said. “It’s definitely a challenge from the trunk with a lot of talented drivers in the division.”

Bellmore said the race went well overall, but he had to put his driving skills to the test to get the job done.

“I had to skillfully navigate my way through the abundance of cars and use their driving to my advantage considering their strategies which they implement week after week on the track.” he said.

Gary Thom (Aurora, Wisconsin) crossed the finish line in second but took the win in the main 141 Auto Sales Stock Car.

In the last lap, leader John Ostermann (Norway) set a lap time below the 18 second limit, giving Thom the victory.

Todd Schmidt (Spread Eagle, Wisconsin) and Brian Massicotte (Kingsford) complete the top three.

A special appearance from the Sands Speedway Fuel Injected division closed the night with the Marquette trio of Reece Cavin, Cole Hogwell and Evan Sampla taking the top three spots.

Norway Speedway lets go of the hammer again on Friday evening with Fan Appreciation Night. The race starts at 7 a.m.

BINK’S COCA COLA SUPER LATE MODEL – Chad Butz, Green Bay, WI; Dan Lindsley, Vulcan; Scott Stanchina, Kingsford; Jason Wells, Kingsford; Tanner Kelly, Waucedah; Justin Mondeik, Gleason, WI; Tom Gee Jr, Sobieski, Wisconsin; Mike Lantange, Vulcan; Wyatt Spade, Norway; Ryan Hood, Niagara, WI; Bruce White, Kingsford; Cory Cootware, Iron Mountain; Robby Iverson, Escanaba; Jordan DeBoer, Arpin, WI

HEAT – Spade; Stanchina

DASH – Butz

QUICK TIME – Butz, 14.304

SUPER STOCK AUTO VALUE FUNCTION – Joey Pontbriand, Norway; Anthony Scheifelbein, Pembine, WI; Kevin Peterson, Marinette, WI; Tony Wender, Kingsford; Ryan Wender, Upper Pine Creek; Andy Gerwig, Norway; Bob Scheifelbein, Pembine, WI; Kelly LaCount, Athelstane, WI; Destin Bullard, Marquette; Tim Schultz Jr, Vulcan; John Mattia Jr, Norway; Al Bilski, Norway (DNS)

HEAT – Tony Wender; Peterson

DASH – Gerwig

FAST TIME – Pontbriand, 15.881

141 STOCK CAR AUTOMOTIVE SALES FEATURES – Gary Thom, Aurora, WI; Todd Schmidt, Spread Eagle, WI; Brian Massicotte, Kingsford; BJ Schoneck, Marion, WI; Trevor Pankratz, Little Suamico, WI

CHAUFFE 1) Paul Bourgois, Iron Mountain; Bobby Lewis, Bark River 2) Pete Fraser, Iron Mountain; Travis Hulsizer, Menominee

QUICK TIME – Preston Weddel, Crivitz, WI 18.002

MC SIGNS & GRAPHICS 4 BANGER FEATURE – Dean Bellmore, Hermansville; Mike Loberger, Marinette, WI; Elliot Reid, Faithorn; Trevor Cronick, Faithorn; Cory Grondine, Hermansville

HEATER 1) Owen Eichmeyer, Bucktown; Devin Farah, Iron Mountain 2) Dean Bellmore; Reid

QUICK TIME – Reid, 18.125

FUEL INJECTION MUSTANG FUNCTION – Reece Cavin, Marquette; Cole Hogwell, Marquette; Evan Sampla, Marquette; Tyler Bell, Marquette; Nathan Goodwin, Skandia

HEAT – Wyatt Clément, Marquette; Cavin

QUICK TIME – Cavin, 17.349

SPECTATOR ELIMINATOR – Brandon Oxford, Escanaba

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