In Episode 4 of Auto Pros On The Road, the team visits Drew Turr, owner of Street & Strip Performance in Louisville, KY. A traditional speed store, Street & Strip continues to be an old-fashioned tribute to the racing community of yesterday by meeting the demands of today’s runners.

Street & Strip Performance, Louisville, KY is among the last of a dying breed – the neighborhood speed store.

Drew Turr started his career with Super Shops when he graduated from high school, but says his love of performance started much earlier. “I drove a Dodge Charger 68 and it was the third fastest car in the school parking lot,” he says. “I know, because we tested them almost every day. I can relate to any drag racer because I started out with some really slow cars that I built myself. We built our own cars because it was the only way I could afford to run and do whatever I wanted. “

Today, the store is part of a dying breed, says Turr, selling performance parts and building cars and engines for drag racers, pros and restomod customers. “It’s very old-school,” he says. “Go down to the store and hang out. Talk to the guys in the shop and in the store.

Owner Drew Turr takes pride in being able to do what he loves thanks to dedicated customers and talented employees.

“It’s a shame,” says Turr. “Independent speed shops are disappearing. I am very fortunate that my clients are good to me. They love to get off and understand how important it is to have a “Drew” in their town. People in other parts of the country don’t have a Street & Strip. Mail order and online are great until you need something on a Saturday afternoon so you can get to the racetrack. I’m just lucky that I can do what I want to do the way I want to do. I am always learning something new every day.

Performance parts – and bench races – for any runner or enthusiast are available at Street & Strip.

This episode is sponsored by Fram.

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